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Awards Summary 2012


Only 1st place awarded for Saturday Judging.

AwardPositionReg No.NamePoints
Capri Mk II 1st RGJ 603P Paul Hitchen 87
Capri Mk III 1st D63 DUE Mark Misiura 90.5
Ford Pre 1975 1st MTL 174G Phil Jermyn 53
Ford 1975 - 1999 1st PUF 282X Aaron Field 92
Concours 1970 - 1999 1st T60 DTB David Barlow 88.5
American 1st F92 MRC Keith Marriott 75
Modified 1st HAA 616N Alan Summerscales 97


There were lots more entries on Sunday. 1st/2nd/3rd were awarded in most categories.

AwardPositionReg No.NamePoints
Capri Mk I 1st OJL 451H Stuart Turp 97
  2nd PFV 688M Wayne Jeffs 89
  3rd NMF 424L Clive & Janice Kinston 83
Capri Mk II 1st OJB 261R Richard Yales 84
  2nd AGH 346S Stuart Baldy 79
  3rd TGF 605R Stuart Holmes 76
  Modified VYP 240M Vernon Witney 85
Capri Mk III
4 Cylinder
1st D63 DUE
Mark Misiura
  2nd B222 HUF
 Deborah Baldy
  3rd D89 ACW
 Stuart Holloway
Capri Mk III
6 Cylinder
1st A444 XOL
 Leslie Mather
  2nd JGH 494T
 Antoinette Pittaway
  3rd SMK 829Y
 Derek Speirs
Ford Pre 1975 1st VNN 484L
 Kevin Alford
  2nd MTL 174G
 Phil Jermyn
  3rd RKC 580G
 Anne Heath
Ford 1975 - 1985 1st PUF 282X
 Aaron Field
  2nd A962 VMW
 Martin Bennett
  3rd D99 PWE
 Sarah Smith
Ford 1968 - 1999 1st LLC 4V
 Tony Francis
  2nd M715 WHJ
 Phillip Courtney
  3rd G555 UMJ
 Luciano Pini
Ford 21st Century 1st P13 MOL
 Andrew Molloy
  2nd ML59 RXH
 Hilary Wallwark
  3rd F11 WRC
 Dave Brown
Concours Pre 1970 1st 273 JWP
 Colin Payne  96.25
  2nd KPL 79C
 Peter Davis
  3rd GCV 191D
 B. Marshall
Concours 1970 - 1985 1st MDP 582K
 Steve Taylor
  2nd PJ1 7223
 Judth Jepson
  3rd  -  -  -
Concours 1986 - 1999 1st T60 DTB
 David & Ann Barlow
  2nd J800 LTD
 Andrew Vaux
  3rd F871 NJM
 M. Appleyard
Concours 21st Century 1st YE55 EGO
 Mick Charlesworth
  2nd  -  - -
  3rd  -  -  -
American 1st GVO 133J
 Mark Weatherall
  2nd F92 MRC
 Keith Marriott
  3rd WVW 485S
 Scott Hudson
Modified 1st KCO 440
 Ian Barber
  2nd L90 HEP
 Michael Heptinstall
  3rd FOJ 310L
 Matt Argent
TVR 1st TVR 846S
 Robert Kendall
  2nd  -  -  -
  3rd  -  -  -
Furthest Travelled Winner Stuart Baldy, 200 miles from Newhaven, East Sussex
Best Club Display Winners   Leeds Capri Club  
Car of the Show Winner Ford Escort RS Turbo Tony Francis 100

Many thanks to all the judges that graciously gave their time:

Andy Boler, Mark Aaron, Phil James, Howard Corfield, Laban Barlow, Andy Shooter, Brian Worth, Kevin Frost, Roger Sutcliffe, Glynn Easom, Pete Scott, E.Hamilton, Phil James, Andy Moakes, Darren Revill.

Many thanks to all participants.

See you all next year!